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Benefits of GAP Portable Restroom Trailers

Posted by Josh Kaufman on 5/9/2017 to Ag - GAP
There are a variety of sanitation solutions on the market that meet GAP requirements including do-it-all GAP-compliant portable restroom trailers.

Prepare Portable Sanitation Equipment for First Use

Posted by Josh Kaufman on 4/26/2017 to Ag - GAP
Something to keep in mind about portable units is that they do require both initial and ongoing attention to be functional and in compliance. This article contains information about how to prepare portable sanitation equipment for first use on the farm.

Worker Hygiene & Training Are Essential on Farms

Posted by Josh Kaufman on 4/12/2017 to Ag - GAP
Farm workers need to take steps to ensure they do not contaminate produce, and they should be knowledgeable about the various threats to produce safety so that they can recognize them and take the necessary action. In order to be successful in these endeavors, worker hygiene and training are essential.

Reap the Benefits of Products Made in the USA

Posted by Josh Kaufman on 3/28/2017 to Ag - GAP
The combination of the recession and cheap prices of foreign-produced items made it difficult to buy local, and many U.S. companies and their employees suffered as a result. However, there is now evidence that the trend is starting to shift. Americans are beginning to take the time once again to seek out products made in the USA as opposed to cheaper alternatives.

Biosecurity Measures for Your Farm

Posted by Josh Kaufman on 3/15/2017 to Ag - GAP
Addressing external contamination threats is also known as farm biosecurity, and it consists of several steps to protect both employees and produce.

Water Capacity Considerations for Portable Sinks

Posted by Josh Kaufman on 3/3/2017 to Ag - GAP
For the decision-makers in charge of purchasing portable sinks, there are many features to consider. One of them is water capacity. Selecting units can become a balancing act between price and meeting the needs of the work crews.

Safely Move Portable Toilets & Sinks

Posted by Josh Kaufman on 2/16/2017 to Ag - GAP
Portable sinks and toilets are rarely stationary for very long. As workers move to different field or orchard locations, it’s a GAP requirement that portable sanitation units are easily accessible (within a quarter mile). With this in mind, it’s important that all safety protocols are followed when moving units.

Direct Marketing Strategies for Farmers

Posted by Josh Kaufman on 2/1/2017 to Ag - GAP
One way for farms to generate additional income is to sell produce directly to consumers. In this article, you’ll learn about some of the most popular direct marketing strategies and the GAP requirements associated with them.

Contamination Prevention on the Farm

Posted by Josh Kaufman on 1/18/2017 to Ag - GAP
Many pollution-causing activities are reasonably simple to prevent if a proper conservation plan is in place. In this article, you’ll learn about some of the main sources of NPS pollution on the farm and the ways you can prevent them.

Cleaning & Storage Procedures for Your Portable Toilets & Sinks

Posted by Josh Kaufman on 1/4/2017 to Ag - GAP
Following recommended cleaning and storage procedures greatly reduces the odds that your portable toilets and sinks will cause a food safety problem or become damaged. Here are some things to add to your product care checklist:

Chlorine Keeps Sinks Fresh

Posted by Josh Kaufman on 12/20/2016 to Ag - GAP

The process of cleaning a sink isn’t complicated, especially if it’s made of polyethylene. All that’s needed is soap and water or a chlorine bleach spray. In addition to being a proven cleaning agent, chlorine keeps sinks fresh and water safe between cleanings.

Make Paper Towels the Go-To for Hand Drying

Posted by Josh Kaufman on 12/6/2016 to Ag - GAP
Researchers from the Mayo Clinic reviewed 40 years’ worth of studies to determine the best method of hand drying. They examined drying efficiency, the effective removal of bacteria, and the prevention of cross-contamination and found that single-use paper towels offer the most benefits.

Protect Crops from Animal Pathogens

Posted by Josh Kaufman on 11/23/2016 to Ag - GAP
Animal manure can contain a variety of organisms that could be harmful to people if spread to crops and consumed. For this reason, one section of the GAP food safety initiative focuses on the measures that protect crops from animal pathogens. 

Enhance the Customer U-pick Experience

Posted by Josh Kaufman on 10/18/2016 to Ag - GAP
Right now, apple and pumpkin harvests are driving ag activity. It’s important for operations that offer U-picks to keep customers in mind. Providing a positive experience will increase sales and keep customers coming back season after season.

Safe Transportation of Portable Sanitation Equipment

Posted by Josh Kaufman on 10/4/2016 to Ag - GAP
Improper transportation can lead to accidents that can result in harm to people, crops, and equipment. Take some time to educate yourself on practices for safe transportation of portable sanitation equipment.

How to Clean & Store Portable Sanitation Equipment

Posted by Josh Kaufman on 9/20/2016 to Ag - GAP
Failure to properly clean and store portable sanitation equipment can result in leaks or spills that can introduce pollutants into the soil or water sources. In addition, product damage can occur that requires repairs, new parts or, in the worst case, replacement of the entire unit. 

The Benefits of Chlorine Additives

Posted by Josh Kaufman on 9/6/2016 to Ag - GAP
It’s obvious that washing hands with unsanitary water increases the risk of microbial contamination of produce, but what can be done to ensure that handwashing water is pure? The solution is simple: chlorine.

Managing Farm Biosecurity

Posted by Josh Kaufman on 8/23/2016 to Ag - GAP

It’s critical to consider all possible farm biosecurity risks, which include people, animals, and machinery. You should not only have preventative procedures in place but also a response plan in the event of an outbreak.

Tips for Effective Direct Marketing

Posted by Josh Kaufman on 8/9/2016 to Ag - GAP
GAP requirements aren’t limited to typical day-to-day operations. They cover unique events that take place both on and off the farm as well. This post will provide sanitation and hygiene tips to ensure you have safe and successful direct marketing events. 

Animals and Their Effect on Crops

Posted by Josh Kaufman on 7/26/2016 to Ag - GAP
When working in agriculture, the chances are high that either your operation or a neighboring operation has livestock. Additionally, rural locations are filled with a variety of wildlife. As a result, your GAP checklist should include steps to address the presence of animals and their effect on crops.

What to Look for in Paper Towels & Dispensers

Posted by Josh Kaufman on 7/12/2016 to Ag - GAP
GAP compliance can depend on not only the presence of things like paper towels and dispensers but also the quality of those items. If you’re in the market for paper towel dispensers or paper towels, take these things into consideration:

Guidelines for Crisis Management

Posted by Josh Kaufman on 6/28/2016 to Ag - GAP
The unfortunate truth about the agriculture industry is that even if maximum safety efforts are made, accidents can still happen. A variety of unexpected events can occur that result in harm to employees and/or the public. For this reason, some GAP requirements are focused on crisis management. 

Simple & Safe Tank Pumping

Posted by Josh Kaufman on 6/14/2016 to Ag - GAP
Regular, proper tank pumping serves two purposes: keeping facilities usable and removing waste from the field or orchard area. Whether you pump out units yourself or utilize a pumping company, take appropriate steps to make the process easy, and more importantly, safe.

Sanitation Equipment in the Elements

Posted by Josh Kaufman on 5/31/2016 to Ag - GAP
The weather is unpredictable, and you never know what is around the corner. With that in mind, durability is a key consideration for current and future portable toilet and sink owners. Here are some tips to help your sanitation equipment hold up against the elements and stay in good shape longer:

Best Practices for Special Events

Posted by Josh Kaufman on 5/17/2016 to Ag - GAP
In addition to standard farm operation, some businesses interact directly with the public with events like farmers markets, U-picks, and petting zoos. These events serve as alternative sources of income, as well as promotional activities to market the business. GAP requirements apply to every aspect of the agricultural industry, and these events are no exception. 
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