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Benefits of GAP Portable Restroom Trailers

Posted by Josh Kaufman on 5/9/2017 to Ag - GAP

One of the key aspects of farm operation is weighing the costs of equipment, supplies, employees, etc. versus the benefits they will bring. In some cases, production may not be negatively affected by going the more affordable route. But in others, spending a little extra will provide added value and benefits that make the investment more than worthwhile. Portable sanitation equipment is one of the categories that farm owners should carefully consider. There are a variety of sanitation solutions on the market that meet GAP requirements including do-it-all GAP-compliant portable restroom trailers.

A Look at the Benefits of GAP Portable Restroom Trailers

GAP portable restroom trailers provide everything your workers need to maintain good personal hygiene in a convenient, all-in-one product. It’s the Cadillac of farm sanitation, so to speak. As a result, buyers may be conflicted about the price tag. It’s the premier portable sanitation product in the ag industry, but is it worth it? An analysis of the benefits will help you come to a decision.

The primary benefit of utilizing a portable restroom trailer is the trailer itself, which makes it easy to provide workers with nearby facilities regardless of where they go. It’s a GAP requirement to have toilet and handwashing facilities within a quarter mile of workers, and being able to simply hook up a truck to the trailer and haul it to where it’s needed reduces downtime. In addition, it’s convenient to have a single package that includes everything necessary for sanitation — a toilet, sink, soap, and paper towels. Logistically, it’s easier to move one item as opposed to separate toilet and sink units. The ease of transportation makes the pumping process much more efficient, too. Because the unit’s on wheels, you can easily move and park it in an area that’s accessible to the pumping truck.

Features to Look for in Trailer Units

As with any product in the industry, portable restroom trailers can vary by manufacturer. There are some beneficial features to look for if you’re in the market for a trailer unit. One is the ability to lower the unit to the ground using a cantilever or similar mechanism. Not having to take a step up to access the unit is safer. It’s also convenient to be able to leave the unit on the trailer as opposed to unloading and reloading it. Another safety feature to consider is a removable towing tongue because it eliminates a trip hazard in addition to providing extra security. For durability, look for a galvanized steel trailer that will resist rusting.

Additional Trailer & GAP Information

SINKSNMORE offers a GAP Compliant Restroom Package with Trailer. We have both single trailer and double trailer versions. To view our complete line of ag-related products, visit AgSinksTB.com. Use promo code AG2017 TB to receive 10% Off on All Online Orders.

You can also learn more about GAP compliance by downloading our Free GAP Compliance Made Easy Guide. To promote sanitation on your farm, request our Free Toilet & Handwashing Compliance Signs.

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