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What to Look for in Paper Towels & Dispensers

Posted by Josh Kaufman on 7/12/2016 to Ag - GAP

Toilets and sinks are the centerpieces of the portable sanitation industry, but all accessories and supplies associated with those products play a role in hygiene. GAP compliance can depend on not only the presence of things like paper towels and dispensers but also the quality of those items. If you’re in the market for paper towel dispensers or paper towels, take these things into consideration:

Dispenser Considerations

Paper towel dispensers are must-haves on farms because regular towels can harbor germs that are easily spread when the towel is used by multiple people. That, in turn, puts crops at risk when they are handled by contaminated hands. 

Durability is a key consideration when shopping for paper towel dispensers. They’ll have to stand up to the shaking and bouncing that will occur when sanitation units are transported from field to field or orchard to orchard. In addition, they could be exposed to a variety of weather conditions ranging from extreme heat to rain. The best dispensers feature single-piece construction to ensure maximum strength and a water-tight seal.

Take versatility into account as well. The more features you can get with a paper towel dispenser, the better. Look for dispensers that can be mounted on both walls and posts, inside or outside of toilet units, and on handwashing stations. Some dispensers even feature a removable spindle so that either individual paper towels or a roll can be used.

Look for paper towel dispensers that are both keyless and see-through. With a keyless unit, everyone will always have easy access if paper towels need to be restocked. There are no worries about misplacing a key or having to track it down when the time comes to refill. If you’ve got a see-through dispenser, you’ll always know how many paper towels are left and can prepare to restock and reorder accordingly.

Paper Towel Considerations

When it comes to paper towels, there are a variety of options. However, there isn’t a significant difference between the options. As long as the towels can effectively dry hands, you’re covered. It’s more about personal preference.

One of the choices is between bleached (white) paper towels or kraft (brown) paper towels. Bleached paper towels, with their bright white color, provide a perception of quality and purity. However, the bleaching process typically causes prices to be slightly higher. And according to Bright Hub, bleached paper towels are less environmentally friendly because the use of chlorine during the bleaching process produces hazardous chemical compounds called dioxins.

Another decision has to be made between individual paper towel sheets or a roll. Rolls tend to be cheaper, but many people prefer the convenience of the individual sheets to rolls, which need to be pulled and torn before use. Again, it’s about personal preference. This is where a paper towel dispenser that can dispense either is a nice option. You can switch back and forth as necessary.

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