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Convenient Sanitation Solutions for Any Occasion

Posted by Josh Kaufman on 4/26/2016 to Food Service

Events at unique locations continue to grow in popularity. From weddings to company picnics and everything in between, more and more caterers and similar food service businesses find themselves away from the familiarity and conveniences of reception and dining halls. An event might be outdoors one weekend and in a historic building the next. In any case, the days of being able to count on complete kitchen amenities for every job are over.

Sacrificing quality is not an option. You must be able to adapt to your location — no matter how unique it is. While you might be able to transport all of the food and utensils you need from your shop to the site with no difficulty, sanitation can still pose a problem when you get there. Handwashing is essential before you put the finishing touches on your spread and begin service. But what if there isn’t convenient access to a kitchen or bathroom?

In those cases, a portable sink is exactly what you need. Portable sinks allow you to maintain high levels of sanitation wherever you are. There are all kinds of portable sinks out there, offering a wide range of features. With the changing trends in event locations, equipment that is easy to transport is essential. When shopping for portable sinks, here are some things to look for:

First, look for a sink that is lightweight. It only makes sense, right? A piece of equipment that is heavy will not be easy to load, unload, or move. Speaking of moving, look for a sink that can be moved by a single person. Some models feature wheels, and others can be easily carried or transported by hand truck. Finally, consider the size of the sink. Something big and bulky will take up valuable space in your kitchen and vehicle. A smart choice is a sink that is compact and slim.

A compact, lightweight, and easy-to-move portable sink is perfect for any occasion, especially if it’s a heated unit. All you need is an outlet or extension cord and you’re set! You’ll be able to comply with health department regulations, wash and dry your hands as often as necessary with no hassle, and put your customers at ease because they’ll be able to see that you took the proper steps to ensure food safety.

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