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Reap the Benefits of Products Made in the USA

Posted by Josh Kaufman on 3/28/2017 to Ag - GAP

For quite some time now, the prevailing mindset among many American buyers has been that they would like to purchase American-made products but just can’t afford them. The combination of the recession and cheap prices of foreign-produced items made it difficult to buy local, and many U.S. companies and their employees suffered as a result. However, there is now evidence that the trend is starting to shift. Americans are beginning to take the time once again to seek out products made in the USA as opposed to cheaper alternatives.

Shopping Local

The decline of U.S. manufacturing and resulting unemployment numbers have been eye-opening to many.

“The Great Recession certainly brought that home and highlighted the fact that so many jobs have been lost,” said James Cerruti, senior partner for strategy and research at Brandlogic, in a 2013 interview with CNBC.

As a result, there’s been an increase in the demand for U.S.-manufactured products. A 2015 report by Consumer Reports found that 80% of American shoppers said they prefer to purchase U.S. goods, and more than 60% said they’d be willing to pay 10% more to get an American-made product. The prices may be a little higher, but so is the quality, and Americans are trying to do their part to put the country on a positive track for the future. Also aiding the cause is the fact that rising labor costs in China are closing the gap in prices. Factor in costs like transportation of goods, duties, and industrial real-estate expenses, and the manufacturing sector is not as dependent on China as it once was.

Advantages of Purchasing American-Made Products

There are many reasons to buy products made in the USA. Money Crashers identified these six advantages:

  • Jobs – From 1998-2013, the USA lost 5.7 million manufacturing jobs. Buying local will help save jobs, restore those previously lost, and create new ones.
  • Lower Carbon Footprint – Shipping items from overseas burns fossil fuels and increases greenhouse gas levels. Goods manufactured in the USA will have less of an environmental impact.
  • Less Pollution – Developing countries have little to no regulations to protect the health of air and water. Pollution levels would be decreased in the more heavily regulated U.S. manufacturing landscape.
  • Human Rights – There are few laws to protect employees at overseas manufacturing facilities, whereas American workers have more rights and safer working conditions.
  • Health – The higher quality of American goods promotes safety for American consumers.
  • Stronger Economy – Manufacturing is at the heart of the economy, and its impact is felt throughout the country. It is estimated that every U.S. manufacturing job supports an additional 1.4 jobs in other sectors.

SINKSNMORE Products are Proudly Made in the USA

SINKSNMORE is proud to be an American-based manufacturer. Our headquarters is in Whiting, Indiana, and we have a presence throughout the country. Each of our portable toilets, sinks, hand sanitizers, and tanks is manufactured with our customers in mind. Our engineers develop and produce innovative, functional, and long-lasting products, and everything is thoroughly inspected and tested to ensure quality.

Our employees are people like you, and we don’t want to let you down. For an industry like agriculture, we know that every piece of equipment needs to be reliable and able to stand up to the wear and tear of everyday activity. With crop and consumer safety on the line, we go above and beyond to ensure nothing but the highest quality.

At Your Service

In addition to producing proven American-made portable sanitation products, we also offer education resources. Learn about GAP best practices by visiting AgSinksTB.com and downloading a FREE copy of GAP Compliance Made Easy. You can also request FREE Toilet & Handwashing Compliance Signs to remind workers to always put sanitation first. Plus, you’ll receive 10% Off on All Online Orders when you use promo code AG2017TB.

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