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Reduce Waste by Rethinking Menu & Portion Sizes

Posted by Josh Kaufman on 3/8/2017 to Food Service

One of the key elements of success for food service businesses is saving money by reducing waste. Think back to some of your recent events. Were there certain items that many people didn't touch, and did you end up with a lot of leftovers that were ultimately thrown away? If the answer is yes, then you can benefit from rethinking your menu and portion sizes. This article provides some ways to cut down your amount of food waste, which will keep more money in your pockets.

Quality Over Quantity

Many catering businesses and restaurants emphasize quality in their marketing. One way to ensure quality is to reduce quantity, which could refer to menu size, portion size, or both. A large menu requires a large food inventory, and if certain menu items don't sell, chances are there will eventually be some ingredients that go unused and get thrown out. The same can be said for portion sizes. Adjust your portions accordingly if you start to notice large amounts of leftovers or food being discarded at your events.

Crunch the Numbers

Proper event planning includes doing the math to reduce waste and maximize your profits. According to Geoff Beers, of The Balance, the number of "no shows" for free events can be 25% or more of the estimated attendee total. The average attrition rate for ticketed events is about 10%. By utilizing these averages - and incorporating a 2% buffer zone - you can more accurately predict how many guests will actually partake in the meal. With this knowledge, you can prepare just the right amount of food.

Follow the Trends

Reducing menu and portion sizes is a win-win for food service businesses because it cuts back on waste, and it's also what many of today's consumers are looking for. According to Restaurant Engine, shorter menus are becoming more popular. In the past, lengthy menus were a differentiator, but now diners - particularly Millennials - want selecting a meal to be an easier, quicker process. They value a small selection of memorable meals over a large assortment of meals that are easily forgotten. In addition, there's been a renewed focus on healthy eating, so a large portion isn't the selling point that it used to be.

Sanitation is Key to Quality, Too

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