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A Simple Solution for Off-Premise Handwashing

Posted by Josh Kaufman on 4/4/2017 to Food Service

Off-premise food service events present several challenges for business owners. Among them are the transportation of food and supplies, temperature control of food, set up of the service area, and personal sanitation. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to take the stress out of these tasks? Well, in the case of personal sanitation, there is! With a little bit of assistance (starting with this article), you can find a simple solution for off-premise handwashing for your business.

Handwashing is Essential

Having a way for you and your employees to wash hands isn’t just recommended; it’s required by the FDA Food Code. Using just hand sanitizer or wearing gloves isn’t enough to prevent the contamination of food and drinks by pathogens. Not having an easily accessible handwashing station puts customers at risk and could get you in trouble with the health department if an inspector performs a check. This is something to think about before you head to your next outdoor wedding, festival, farmers’ market, or other off-premise event. When you’re outdoors, you can’t count on a handwashing station being available, and you may need to supply your own.

Portable Sinks are Tough to Beat

According to the Food Code, handwashing water should be at least 100 degrees Fahrenheit and be stored in a container that has a self-closing, slow-closing, or metering dispenser that provides a flow of water for at least 15 seconds without needing to be re-engaged. You may have seen or used homemade solutions previously, but there are more convenient and trusted alternatives available.

It’s hard to find a better handwashing solution than a portable sink. It provides everything needed for a thorough handwash — warm water, soap, and paper towels — all in a single unit. It’s also got a collection tank for gray water and is easy to transport regardless if the unit is full or empty. With a portable sink, all you need to do is plug it in to heat the water and you’re set.

A Variety of Options to Meet Your Needs

If you begin researching portable sinks, you’ll find that there is a wide assortment out there. There are single-user units, multi-person units, and a variety of unique features depending on the particular model. For example, some models have extra-large basins that make it easier to wash forearms for an extra level of protection from germs. You can also find units that dispense water with a foot pump, offering users hands-free use to prevent recontamination. Chances are, you can find a unit that will meet or exceed all your off-premise personal hygiene needs.

SINKSNMORE Sanitation Solutions

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We also have a couple of Free resources available at FoodSinksTB.com. You can download our Health Department Compliance Solutions Bulletin and request a Handwashing Compliance Sign to display on or near your portable sink to provide employees with a constant reminder to wash their hands often.

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