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Versatile Handwashing Solutions for Any Event

Posted by Josh Kaufman on 5/3/2017 to Food Service

Versatility is important in the food service industry, especially for caterers and those who frequently work off-premise. In addition to executing a variety of different menu items, they also must be able to adapt to the challenges of numerous event locales. Modern kitchen amenities won’t be available when working at the park, lake, beach, or city square.

One of the major obstacles to overcome at these kinds of locations is maintaining high levels of sanitation because, most likely, washrooms won’t be located conveniently enough to meet the handwashing needs of you and your staff. Luckily, there are versatile handwashing solutions out there that can provide you with the convenience and health department compliance you need. Read on to learn more about portable sinks and the features they offer so you can find the right sink for your business.

Why Portable Sinks?

Good personal hygiene is essential to food safety, and handwashing is a proven method to eliminate germs and prevent food contamination. For these reasons, portable sinks are great tools for any caterer or business owner who frequently works away from their kitchen. Hand sanitizers aren’t meant to be the primary source of pathogen protection, and homemade handwashing solutions don’t offer the highest levels of quality and could potentially fail to meet health department standards. Portable sinks, on the other hand, offer higher quality and provide everything necessary for handwashing — water, soap, and paper towels — in a single, easy-to-use product.

Versatility to Meet Your Demands

There are a variety of portable sinks on the market, each offering different features to meet different needs. There are single units, double units, and even four-person units to handle events both small and large. Portable sinks are equipped with foot pumps or similar water dispensing devices to allow for hygienic, hands-free use. There are also units that provide heated water, which is something looked for by health department inspectors.

Regardless of the model, you can’t overlook the word “portable” in portable sinks. Units are compact and lightweight and may be equipped with wheels, a handle, or a combination to make transportation simple. When you need to hit the road, you won’t have any problem loading and unloading the unit from your vehicle. And when you get to your destination, you won’t need to worry about the sink taking up too much of your workspace.

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