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Water Capacity Considerations for Portable Sinks

Posted by Josh Kaufman on 3/3/2017 to Ag - GAP

Portable sinks are essential for complying with GAP sanitation requirements. When workers are in the fields or orchards, they must have easy access to handwashing units. For the decision-makers in charge of purchasing portable sinks, there are many features to consider. One of them is water capacity. Selecting units can become a balancing act between price and meeting the needs of the work crews.

Downtime and the Bottom Line

To remain in GAP compliance, portable sinks must be usable anytime employees are working. This means that the fresh water tank is full enough and the wastewater (gray water) tank is empty enough to last throughout the day. There must also be enough soap and paper towels available. Operations will experience costly downtime if units are in constant need of refills and drains.

Find the RIGHT Portable Sinks

Simply purchasing sinks with the largest water capacity isn't necessarily the right way to eliminate downtime.  While you may ensure that frequent refills and drains aren't an issue, bigger, more expensive sinks may be more than you really need. The more cost-effective solution is to find sinks that meet the daily needs of workers without sacrificing portability or being "overkill" - having more fresh water and wastewater tank space available than is really needed. Keep in mind, the smaller and lighter the sink, the easier it will be to transport.

How do you identify the right water capacity for your needs? For reference, consider that SINKSNMORE's GrandStand sink has a 15-gallon fresh water capacity and a 19-gallon gray water capacity. This provides nearly 300 uses on a single fill-up with a maximum sink weight of 189 pounds. The larger Bravo sink has a 22-gallon fresh water capacity and a 24-gallon gray water capacity, which provides nearly 350 uses without requiring a refill. The sink, when full, weighs 250 pounds.

Think about these numbers, and consider the size of your workforce. How many times, in your estimation, would handwashing take place on a daily or weekly basis? You can use that estimate and the provided sink capacity data to decide what sink capacity will best serve your needs.

Additional Information About GAP Compliance

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