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Foam Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

Foam Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

Part Number:FD1-1000
Your Price: $22.00
Foam Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

Durable, Easy-to-Use Foam Sanitizer Dispenser

This Foam Dispenser has many key advantages over bag-in-the-box liquid dispensers:

- More economical (dispensing .75mL of rich foam vs. 1.5mL with liquid sanitizer)

- Alcohol-free and Alcohol-based foam (Winter Foam) spreads better to kill over 99% of germs

- Dispenses from the bottom up (no risk of a wasteful leaking valve)

- Push pad is ADA compliant (requiring one hand and less than 5 lbs. of pressure to dispense)

- Large view window permits easy monitoring of sanitizer level

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