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Mini Flush™

Mini Flush™

Part Number:MF02-1000
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Mini Flush™

Now, there's a toilet that can go anywhere people work. The Mini Flush is a self-contained flushing toilet system for use in temporary offices, tool cribs, lunchroom trailers, railroad cars, buses boats, U.S. mines and similar applications where a complete portable toilet enclosure is either inconvenient or won't fit. At only 23" wide, the Mini Flush™ will go through even narrow closet door openings.


With a Mini Flush unit, you have the option of a temporary installation or semi-permanent when plumbed to a waste storage tank. It is also more comfortable than other temporary toilets because the seat is a full 21 1/2" high and molded to the same seat dimensions as a household unit. Easy to wipe clean and service, the only moving parts are a flapper valve and a tough rubber-sealed foot pump.

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