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NSF Certification in the Food Service Industry

Posted by Josh Kaufman on 12/28/2016 to Food Service

One of the most trusted names in product sanitation is NSF International, which is an organization that specializes in product testing, inspection, and certification. Because food safety is essential for a business to remain in operation, it’s helpful to be familiar with the NSF and its processes.

Chlorine Keeps Sinks Fresh

Posted by Josh Kaufman on 12/20/2016 to Ag - GAP

The process of cleaning a sink isn’t complicated, especially if it’s made of polyethylene. All that’s needed is soap and water or a chlorine bleach spray. In addition to being a proven cleaning agent, chlorine keeps sinks fresh and water safe between cleanings.

A Convenient and Effective Personal Hygiene Solution

Posted by Josh Kaufman on 12/14/2016 to Food Service
When working away from a professional kitchen, you will need to provide your own handwashing station. Health department regulations require all workers to have easy access to handwashing water. A portable sink is a convenient and effective solution that many food service professionals have come to rely on and trust.

Make Paper Towels the Go-To for Hand Drying

Posted by Josh Kaufman on 12/6/2016 to Ag - GAP
Researchers from the Mayo Clinic reviewed 40 years’ worth of studies to determine the best method of hand drying. They examined drying efficiency, the effective removal of bacteria, and the prevention of cross-contamination and found that single-use paper towels offer the most benefits.

Breaking Down the Handwashing Water Temperature Debate

Posted by Josh Kaufman on 12/5/2016 to Food Service
A survey by Vanderbilt University of more than 500 American adults found that 70% believe using hot water is the most effective way to ensure a thorough hand cleaning. But is this just a perception, or does the science back it? Those who work in food service deserve some answers.
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