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Plastics of the Food Service Industry

Posted by Josh Kaufman on 2/22/2017 to Food Service

The safety level of each kind of plastic depends on the chemicals it contains. It’s important that food service workers utilize the right kinds of plastics to keep their food free from contamination and safe to eat. 

Safely Move Portable Toilets & Sinks

Posted by Josh Kaufman on 2/16/2017 to Ag - GAP
Portable sinks and toilets are rarely stationary for very long. As workers move to different field or orchard locations, it’s a GAP requirement that portable sanitation units are easily accessible (within a quarter mile). With this in mind, it’s important that all safety protocols are followed when moving units.

Storing Food Safely

Posted by Josh Kaufman on 2/8/2017 to Food Service
To maintain freshness, it’s critical to follow proper food storage techniques. Storing food safely doesn’t just keep it fresh. It also promotes cash savings by reducing waste. More importantly, it lessens the odds of serving meals that will make people ill.

Direct Marketing Strategies for Farmers

Posted by Josh Kaufman on 2/1/2017 to Ag - GAP
One way for farms to generate additional income is to sell produce directly to consumers. In this article, you’ll learn about some of the most popular direct marketing strategies and the GAP requirements associated with them.
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