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Cold or Warm Water for Handwashing: Which is Best?

Posted by Josh Kaufman on 3/29/2016 to Food Service
For a long time, the belief was that washing with warm water was the most effective way to eliminate germs. But is that truly the case? Does washing with cold water leave you more susceptible to pathogens? We’re here to help separate fact from fiction.

Sanitation Tips for Field Workers & Packers

Posted by Josh Kaufman on 3/22/2016 to Ag - GAP
A variety of people and equipment are involved in crop production, and that means there are several opportunities for crops to be exposed to pathogens. To help guarantee public safety, it is critical that employees are trained on proper sanitation techniques and follow them on a daily basis.

Go Hands Free for Safety

Posted by Josh Kaufman on 3/15/2016 to Food Service

The food service industry requires constant handling of food products and utensils, and chefs keep their hands busy doing things like prepping, cooking, and plating. But one thing that food service professionals should try to avoid touching is a sink. To be truly sanitary, go hands free!

Does Your Sink Offer Appropriate Water Capacity?

Posted by Josh Kaufman on 3/8/2016 to Ag - GAP
You may have heard the phrase, “Bigger is better.” Sometimes it’s true, and sometimes it isn’t. When referring to portable sanitation equipment for agriculture, finding the RIGHT size is the most important thing. It all depends on the needs of your operation.

An Easy Solution for Personal Hygiene

Posted by Josh Kaufman on 3/1/2016 to Food Service
Caterers and other on-site food service businesses are constantly reminded about compliance, so they know what they need to do to keep the public safe. But what many business owners may not know is that there are easier ways to maintain good hygiene, which means one less thing to worry about.
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