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Convenient Sanitation Solutions for Any Occasion

Posted by Josh Kaufman on 4/26/2016 to Food Service
From weddings to company picnics and everything in between, more and more caterers and similar food service businesses find themselves away from the familiarity and conveniences of reception and dining halls. In any case, the days of being able to count on complete kitchen amenities for every job are over. In those cases, a portable sink is exactly what you need. Portable sinks allow you to maintain high levels of sanitation wherever you are.

Keep Land and Water Pollution Free

Posted by Josh Kaufman on 4/19/2016 to Ag - GAP
USDA statistics show that a single American farmer produces enough to feed 155 people annually. With that many people reliant on a single entity, it’s more important than ever to keep crops safe from pollutants. Runoff can carry pollutants to surrounding land and water sources, which will have a long-term, sometimes irreversible, damaging effect on the environment.

By the Numbers: Food Grade Plastics

Posted by Josh Kaufman on 4/12/2016 to Food Service

Plastic is popular because of its durability and affordability, but it also has been at the center of recent debate over health concerns. That’s why it’s important to be aware of the different kinds of plastics and use food grade plastics whenever possible.

Weighing Your Options with a Trailer Unit

Posted by Josh Kaufman on 4/5/2016 to Ag - GAP

The owners and managers of farming operations face tough decisions on a regular basis. Not surprisingly, the decisions that involve money often are the most difficult to make. In the case of Good Agricultural Practices, one dilemma is centered on portable toilets and sinks, and whether sanitation equipment should be rented or purchased.

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