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The Science of Handwashing

Posted by Josh Kaufman on 9/27/2016 to Food Service
Science proves that properly washing hands is highly effective at preventing a variety of illnesses. In this post, we’re going to take a closer look at the details, analyzing some of the pathogens handwashing eliminates, clarifying the steps to proper handwashing, and providing insight about soap.

How to Clean & Store Portable Sanitation Equipment

Posted by Josh Kaufman on 9/20/2016 to Ag - GAP
Failure to properly clean and store portable sanitation equipment can result in leaks or spills that can introduce pollutants into the soil or water sources. In addition, product damage can occur that requires repairs, new parts or, in the worst case, replacement of the entire unit. 

Smaller Menus & Portions are Growing in Popularity

Posted by Josh Kaufman on 9/13/2016 to Food Service
The term “less is more” has been applied to several situations over the years. Today, it applies to the food service industry. It has become increasingly common for food service businesses of all kinds to cut down on offerings. Menus are shrinking, and portions are getting smaller.

The Benefits of Chlorine Additives

Posted by Josh Kaufman on 9/6/2016 to Ag - GAP
It’s obvious that washing hands with unsanitary water increases the risk of microbial contamination of produce, but what can be done to ensure that handwashing water is pure? The solution is simple: chlorine.
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